Women have always stood together; encouraging, supporting and even challenging other women to grow into their own inherent greatness.  Being a mom is hard…we all need support.  Sometimes moms feel overwhelmed, guilty, angry, isolated or alone.  Its ok, we have all been there.  Mentoring Moms is a program that is mom centered.  The Mentoring Moms program is a way to connect a mom with an experienced mom, someone who has been there and made it through to tell the tail.  Volunteer mothers are paired with, and mentor, a mom who is feeling a need for support.  The mom will enjoy one-on-one interactions as well as fun group activities. 

To find out more about Mentoring Moms, to get involved as a volunteer or if you need support please contact us.  Mentoring Moms 403-619-3636 or email at [email protected]